A Eudaimonia (ū″di-mō NEE-ă) Therapeutic Approach

Heal from life’s painful experiences. Reconnect to inner wisdom and a sense of purpose.  Become confident and accepting . . . become yourself!

Going through a crisis, even a suicidal crisis, may be the opportune point in life to make needed changes. Sometimes it feels so intense that even dying seems better than living with such painful feelings. With the right support and guidance, insights can be gained from the emotional healing of painful life experiences. A person can reconnect to inner wisdom and a sense of purpose, becoming more confident and self-accepting. It’s as if during a crisis we are having emotional labor pains, trying to birth a greater version of ourselves.

When treated with the Eudaimonia Therapeutic Approach, patients gain a clear and simple path to understanding. This enables them to create the changes they are looking for in their lives. We work to strengthen a personal, intellectual, and emotional foundation on which to build, so that life experience also becomes knowledge that works. Begin taking steps on this healing journey to Hope, where Eudaimonia, or Human Flourishing, is most probable.