Ellen Paré

ellen at conference.jpg

In nearly thirty years at the Macomb County Crisis Center, Ellen worked to help callers through their suicidal crises, to train members of the community to provide crisis intervention services, and to lift the overall quality of services by incorporating innovative and evidence-based practices into the Center’s policies and procedures. As a co-developer with Gigi Colombini of the Holding On To Life youth suicide prevention program, she showed how Means Restriction and Safety Planning could be incorporated into an aftercare plan for suicidal youth in a hospital setting. As chairman of the Macomb County Suicide Prevention Coalition, she initiated an annual survey of death certificates to look for patterns in deaths by suicide or accidental overdose. Ellen is a Licensed Bachelor’s Social Worker who earned her Master of Public Administration from Wayne State University. As Practice Administrator for the Institute for Hope and Human Flourishing, she works behind the scenes to advance our important mission.