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Gigi Colombini was instrumental in the production of the award-winning film, "Death is Not the Answer." 

Gigi Colombini 

Gigi is the founder of the Institute for Hope and Human Flourishing. Her holistic, common-sense and insight-oriented therapeutic approach provides her patients a clear and simple path to understanding, better enabling them to create changes they are looking for in their lives. By listening and clarifying, she works with patients to develop a personal, intellectual, and emotional foundation to build on. This is knowledge that works. Once equipped with these tools, she works with her patients in a collaborative setting, defining concepts and goals to further maximize personal growth

Throughout her professional journey, she has worked as a Crisis Center supervisor and crisis counselor, led and facilitated grief groups and various community organizations throughout Oakland and Macomb counties, and consulted on programs for Harvard, Dartmouth, and the University of Michigan. She was honored to support the documentary film ‘Death is Not the Answer’ as a featured psychotherapist to help provide a deeper understanding of the risk factors identifying depression and what leads to suicide. 

As an expert in the field of suicide prevention, she developed and implemented a continuity of care/family support intervention designed to enhance the safety and support of high risk youth following a suicidal emergency. The Holding On To Life Youth Suicide Prevention Program (Caring Calls) has received professional recognition from the Michigan Department of Community Health and the National Institute for Mental Health. She has provided trainings in corporate, community, religious and clinical settings and is a frequent presenter at conferences that focus on raising awareness about suicide. 

Outside the professional setting Gigi Colombini continually challenges herself academically, socially and physically. She is committed to her own growth, personally and professionally. Devoted to her family, she also finds time for travel and commitments to her community. She is a graduate of University of Michigan, receiving her MSW with a concentration in community organizing. She often can be seen running barefoot through Oakland County.