Individual, Family and Couples Therapy

Feeling anxious or depressed can be very draining, but the truth is we all have times when we feel anxious (afraid) and depressed (sad). That’s healthy and normal. But when these feelings continue for so long that we can’t function normally, that’s when it’s time to get help.

Suicide Prevention

There is hope, and there is help.


We all worry from time to time, and we all have things that stress us out. This is normal. However, when worry overtakes our lives, we may be suffering from anxiety.


So many things can make us feel sad – a loss, relationship difficulties, struggles that face us or the people we love. Sometimes we feel sad about larger issues, like something we read about in the news or see on social media. Sadness is normal. When these feelings persist for so long that we can’t function normally or find a way to feel better, we may be suffering from depression.

Trauma Treatment

What is trauma treatment and how can it help? We use a variety of methods to reduce the traumatic response which allows for the return to healthy functioning.

Grief Counseling

Grief is the natural reaction to death and loss, and it comes in many forms. We usually think of grief as a response to death, but any change can bring about a grief response – changes in relationships, jobs, health, school, living situations. Sometimes even positive changes have sadness attached to them (e.g., moving to a nicer house means the loss of old familiar surroundings).

Fees and Insurance

The Institute for Hope and Human Flourishing participates with Blue Cross Blue Shield (Traditional, PPO, and Medicare Advantage) and Blue Care Network. We are out-of-network for most other insurances. We do not participate with Medicare or Medicaid.

Our fees are $240 for an initial session, and $175 for each subsequent session.