Our Team

Since 1990 we have helped people struggling with trauma, grief, depression, anxiety and those at risk for suicide. Our staff understands the importance of creating connection with each person while scanning for and addressing suicidal pain.  In eliciting the story we illuminate patterns and origins of behaviors in order to both avert a crisis and inspire growth.  We know that ultimately the person we are working with has answers to their life situation. By tuning in to their inner wisdom and encouraging expression of the authentic self, those solutions may be revealed. Discovering a sense of purpose through the revelation will result in feeling more self-accepting and confident. 

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Gigi Colombini – For over twenty years Gigi has focused her passion on working with youth and adults who experience trauma, grief, anxiety, depression and suicide.

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Jim McNutt – Jim is a Board certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who graduated from Oakland University with a Masters in Counseling.

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Ellen Paré – Ellen Paré has devoted her career to preventing suicide by intervening at both the individual and the community level. 


Jennifer Hurley — Providing humanistic psychotherapy aimed at assisting individuals, couples, children and families to develop a stronger and healthier sense of self, Jennifer Hurley is a Licensed Professional Counselor.

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Diana Conklin – Diana Conklin is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who has worked in both school and clinical settings.