Individuals, Families and Couples

It’s like having a cold; We all get colds and we learn to deal with them on our own, like taking over-the-counter remedies or vitamins. But when a cold just won’t go away we turn to a doctor for help. That’s why people who seek out and get therapy are not “crazy,” but just the opposite; the fact that they realize that something is wrong is a healthy response. A person who enters therapy is someone who recognizes life is not feeling right or going in the desired direction. They want to understand why, and learn ways to improve their mental and emotional health in a safe and confidential setting.

Our holistic, common-sense, and insight-oriented approach provides patients a clear and simple path to understanding, better enabling them to create the changes they are looking for in their lives. By listening and clarifying, we work with patients to develop a personal, intellectual, and emotional foundation to build on. Once equipped with these tools, as therapist and patient, we work in a collaborative setting defining concepts and goals to further maximize personal growth.

When a couple or family enters therapy, we look at each individuals’ patterns that create conflict and separation in the relationships. By eliciting each story and the origins of the behavior patterns, we can gain understanding and compassion for one another. Communication skills are learned and practiced in order to bridge the gaps that form when our wounds surface in intimate relationships. The goal is for couples and families to make changes that inspire growth and connection.